Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

I have over 25 years experience in civil litigation.  I have handled automobile accidents, slip and fall cases, employment cases, lawsuits against contractors who have failed to perform their contracts properly, landlord tenant matters as well as legal malpractice. When you pick an attorney to handle your civil litigation matter, you want an attorney who will give you personalized services and treats you, the client, with the respect and attention that you deserve.  That is my personal promise to you.

Commercial Litigation

I have been handling commercial litigation matters for over 25 years.  I represent businesses in lawsuits against other businesses as well as against individuals.  The types of lawsuits that I have handled include breach of contract, landlord tenant and collection for fees due to the company.  I have also handled legal malpractice cases on behalf of businesses as  well as problems with employees.

Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice occurs when an attorney is negligent and does not exercise the type of care that an attorney that practices the same type of law would do.  When the attorney fails to exercise the proper standard of care and you suffer damages, you may be a victim of legal malpractice.

Real Estate

With over 25 years experience, I can handle the purchase, sale or refinance of your personal residence or other property that you buy or sell.  I also handle tax appeals when the assessed value of your real estate is higher than it should be.  I will work with you from the time you sign a contract until the closing is completed.  I will also meet with you before you sign a contract to discuss all of the issues which may develop when you buy or sell a home.

Trusts and Estates

As a retired Certified Public Accountant, I have the training and experience to handle estate matters from the very simple to the very complex. I handle estate administration and estate litigation.  I have the experience and knowledge to prepare Federal and New Jersey Estate Tax Returns, New Jersey Inheritance Tax Returns as well as income tax returns for estates and trusts along with preparing accountings for an estate.  I will personally work with you from the death of a loved one through the entire administration of the estate until the estate is closed out.

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