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When you need an attorney to represent you in a legal dispute or with the drafting or review of legal documents, it’s important to choose an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to handle your case well.

In my practice, I have been helping NJ clients with a wide range of civil and commercial litigation matters for more than 25 years. I also draw on my experience as a retired Certified Public Accountant when helping trust and estate clients.

Practice Areas

I help clients in the Parsippany, NJ and surrounding area with a variety of legal needs, including:

  • Personal Injury Litigation. If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident or as the result of slipping and falling, you may be entitled to compensation beyond the insurance company’s initial offer.
  • Employment Litigation. I help clients who need an attorney to help fight workplace discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination or retaliatory actions.
  • Commercial Litigation. Disputes can arise over the performance (or non-performance) of business contracts and agreements. I represent individuals who need to take action against commercial businesses such as contractors. I also represent businesses in lawsuits against other businesses, and businesses that need to pursue legal action against individuals.
  • Real Estate. When buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, it’s important to have an experienced attorney helping you through the purchase or sale from start to finish. In addition to those services, I also handle tax appeals when the assessed property value is higher than it should be.
  • Landlord/Tenant Matters. Whether you’re a property owner leasing space or a tenant who has run into problems, I can help you resolve disputes related to property leases. I can also help review leases for you before they’re signed, spotting and addressing potential problems ahead of time.
  • Estate Planning. I help clients plan for what will happen to their estate and assets after they’ve died, and during periods of lifetime incapacity. Whatever your goals, I can help make sure those goals are documented legally.
  • Estate and Trust Litigation. When disputes arise about how an estate or trust is being administered, it’s important to have an experienced attorney representing your interests. I represent both executors/trustees and other parties wishing to challenge estate or trust administration.
  • Legal Malpractice. I represent clients in actions against other attorneys when the other attorneys were negligent or failed to exercise the proper standard of care.
  • Sexual Harassment. I represent clients who have been sexually harassed at the workplace and while a customer or client of a business.

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