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When you plan ahead by documenting your wishes for the orderly administration and distribution of your estate during periods of lifetime incapacity and after your death, you’re giving a gift to your loved ones. In my practice, I help people take this important step.

Estate administration can be complex; I have the experience, knowledge and training to assist clients with required accountings and tax filings, and can ease your burden by handling those matters from start to finish.

I also help clients when issues arise regarding the administration of a loved one’s estate, and have experience helping executors as well as other interested parties who wish to challenge an existing will or trust instrument.

Planning Ahead

I help clients plan ahead by preparing professionally-drafted wills, trusts, powers of attorney and advanced health care directives (living wills.)

Whether your goals include avoiding probate court, minimizing estate taxes, providing for guardianship and asset management for minor children, or simply making things as easy as possible after your death, I can help ensure your legal documents are designed to help you meet those goals.

None of us knows if, or when, we might become incapacitated, so I can also help you by preparing legal documents that would authorize a trusted family member or friend to carry out your wishes for medical care if you were no longer able to speak for yourself. Giving someone else authority to handle your financial affairs during periods of your incapacity can also help avoid costly and time-consuming court proceedings – I can help make that process smooth and easy for you.

Handling Administration from the Simple to the Complex

Administering a trust or an estate for a family member or friend is a big responsibility. You owe a fiduciary responsibility to the beneficiaries to act in their best interest, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you’re required to do. Estate and trust administration also comes with requirements to file accountings and tax documents.

As a retired Certified Public Accountant, I have the knowledge and experience to help my clients with both federal and New Jersey income and estate tax returns and accountings, helping make your job as executor or trustee a little easier.

Parsippany Estate Litigation Attorney

When disputes about how an estate or trust is administered come up, it’s important to have an experienced, knowledgeable estate litigation attorney on your side.

As a Parsippany trusts lawyer, I do more than just help write trusts and wills. I help clients who want to challenge wills and trusts, as well as executors who are defending against such contests.

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